The Well Done Life

The Pivot Queen

April 10, 2022 Pamela Davis
The Well Done Life
The Pivot Queen
Show Notes

This week I'm very excited to welcome Yvette Weir to the podcast. Yvette Weir is a Dentist and graduate of Howard University , and currently working at a Dental Clinic for the underserved in Maryland. 

Yvette is also the author of The Relationship Playbook for Women found on Etsy.  An entrepreneur with a Retreat and Event Business for Women and Men who are Wild @Heart (name of her business), motivational speaker and Life Coach( John Maxwell Certified), investor in People, Ideas and Property. 

She is the "pivot queen" and we're going to talk about how her intellectual curiousity  for life, athletics and travel(  She has lived in many countries over the past few decades for a month to years at a time) has led her to curate a passion for sharing love, her faith and empowering women. 

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