The Well Done Life

Intentional Softness

June 05, 2022 Pamela Davis
The Well Done Life
Intentional Softness
Show Notes

This week we're kick off our month of content focused on the "Soft Life". We're talking about what the "Soft Life" means, and the work we may need to do to make sure we're ready for it.

Last week's episode: Embracing Lights & the Soft Life :

The meaning of 111:  The number  111 is a symbol of fresh starts and new beginnings. In the numerology of angels, the number 111 represents abundance and the ability to bring one’s desires to fruition.

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Soft Life Definition:

The Soft Life: A Silent Protest Article:,standardised%20good%20quality%20of%20living.

Resources mentioned in this week's episode:

1) Set Boundaries Find Peace by Nedra Tawwab:

2) Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown:

3) Kelly Augustine IG:

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