The Well Done Life

Building the Blueprint

June 13, 2021 Pamela Davis
The Well Done Life
Building the Blueprint
Show Notes

This week is round 2 of  joy. This week we get a little clearer about what you can do to begin the process of "doing the work" to manifest joy and happiness.

Episode 67 "Possessing the Secret of Joy":

Five tips for beginning the journey to joy (Self-Awareness Work):

  1. Check in with yourself: Is it time to bring someone else in to help you deal with your feelings? Do you have a supportive environment to process any feelings that can be holding you back?
  2. Begin to look at what happiness/recognition/love/joy  looks like for you: This is your time to define what this feels like. What affirms you? Check out the " Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman :
  3. You have to put it into practice:  You need to be willing to look at the areas of your life that don’t make you happy and/or bring you joy and start making adjustments.Check out the "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes: 
  4. You have to be your greatest cheerleader: You must be able to speak over yourself. This is going to help you stay focused as you're moving through the challenges that life will throw at you. 
  5. Accountability: Use your voice to make sure that when you're not feeling affirmed, that you take steps to correct it. This is done through love with a desire to manifest growth. 

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